Misty Gates Wild Lesbian Camshow Video

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if you ever wonder if amateur girls get really wild in their sexy live webcam shows, you only have to check out these shots from Misty Gates to know that for her it’s really true. She has her girlfriend Janelle over and they both end up naked in the shower, live on webcam, cleaning each other up, licking nipples, kissing, and finally eating each other out and finger fucking each other until they cam hard on camera! Fucking awesome! Misty Gates is a real hotty, so this is super sexy to see her going all the way with another girl!

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Wild All Girl Lesbian Dorm Room Party

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What do you get when you have a bunch of girls who are bi-curious and left all together with a camera and a bunch of booze? Another wild drunken Daredorm party, and this time it’s all pussy, all the time – check out the story:

When girls decide to have a girls night out, they come up with the weirdest, and coolest games to play. You get your classics like, spin the bottle, truth or dare, and every once in a while you get jems like, guess that titty. These college girls are hot as hell, and they have the perfect titties to play the game, but even guessing that titty wasnt enough. As the night progressed, the dildos came out, and then they went in, their pussies that is. Girls really know how to have fun

It’s hot as hell to see these girls really getting into each other and getting off on camera, going from shy and not so willing to not giving a shit about the camera or anyone else and just wanting to cum hard! It’s first time lesbian fun for this group of horny college coeds!

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Black GFS Track Team Lesbians

What do you get when you fill a bus with a bunch of very pretty, big booty black girls? You get some really interesting gossip and some very rad, girl on girl action. These girls start off by teasing each other, daring each other if you will…? Well, it turns out that it didn’t take much for these ebony babes to get down and dirty. The fact of the matter, is that these black babes love pussy. They’re so very good with their fingers that one of the girls blows up in one monumental orgasm, while the other ones watch like naughty little girls. But the action doesn’t stop there. These black babes are horny and love to lick their lesbian black pussies. They submitted this video themselves because they wanted to show how real Black GFs get down.

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Schoolbus Lesbian Adventure

You’ve never been on a field trip like this before. 6 smoking-hot, college-aged babes throw on the camp sporting equipment and hit the bus for the ride of our lives. But before they take off, they have no problem giving us a little taste of what’s in store. These ladies flash us their amazing asses while in single file against the school bus. From there, we get on board for plenty of hot titty and pussy flashing action. While the wheels on the bus go round and round, these ladies go finger deep into each other. They make out, suck each others titties and lick on one anothers hot, wet pussies. A truly wild and hot home made porn movie!

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College Rules Three Girls and a Cock

Another wild college party video from College Rules. This time it’s a hot dorm party that features a bunch of girls a few guys, and plenty of action. Wet t-shirts, nipple play, blowjobs… it’s all going on at the party. Three of the girls corner one of the guys and take him away for more fun, and this turns into a really hot fourway fuck session video. It’s clear these girls are use to sharing, and use to playing with each other. There is as much pussy licking and girls making out as anything else, this is the sort of video that assures the girls will never get political office!

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Hot Lesbian and Threeway Action @ College Rules

Another wild deal from College Rules, and this time it’s a great combo of titty flashing, lesbian love, and then straight up hardcore fucking. Seems that these three girls share a room, and they are drinking and having fun and finally pulling each others clothes off. Seems one of the girls has her boyfriend coming over for a booty call soon, and the other girls decide to warm her up. It ends up with the blond eating her out as the other girl holds the camera, and then the boyfriend appears and well, he starts fucking his girl and they keep filming! Fucking awesome hot fuck, and the girl ends up absolutely covered in cum!

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Wild Sexy Dorm Room Party

There is something about black light that makes me go crazy, I fucking love it, and this latest daredorm submission they combined the two things I love. Black light and hot chicks. This party gets so out of hand at one point that they break one of the black lights, but they keep partying like if nothing happen. There is a gorgeous blond with some huge tits that was making my dick hard just by looking at her. Just when you thought that there were way to many people in this small ass room, ever more people show up and everything gets wild. The camera man is basically walking around the room, when all of a sudden in one corner there is a chick blowing this dude up, and it only gets better after that. Yep, it was that kind of party that everyone will regret allowing to be put on video, but for us the action it hot, the girls are horny as hell, and they get into all sort of fun including letting loose their wild lesbian side and group sex too! These coeds know how to party!

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Hot Girls Lesbian Play In the Washroom

GFRevenge is the source for this wild home movie that proves there is a reason why girls spend so much time in the washroom, check out the story:

his week’s submission is right on time for 2011. Everyone has been to a New Year’s Eve party that got a little out of hand but we’re sure you’ll agree that the private party these girls were having got out of hand way before the camera started rolling. In fact, they got so wild that they needed to move the action to the girl’s bathroom in order to film this short but extremely sexy clip. We didn’t get many details along with this submission but I think it’s safe to say that these friends had a bad falling out which led to us receiving this great party video.

Wild stuff, these girls are into it!

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Five Girls and One Guy a Daredorm Adventure

This is a little bit of an odd home movie, but a whole bunch of fun. 5 horny girls, they want something new to play with, so they hook up with one of the girls guy friends online. They invite him over to their dorm room, and the 5 of them use him as a teasing toy. They strip in front of him, kiss each other, and play around, finally one of the girls feels sorry for him and gives him a blowjob, teaching the other girls how it is done. I sort of think the girls might be more lesbian than straight, but no so much. It’s a naughty, teasing, and silly video, absolutely good fun, and the guy is the lucky one getting a long, long, tease and an amazing blowjob, amongst other things!

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Jessica and Dorothy Sexy Lesbian Movie

This is one of those videos that nobody was ever suppose to see. It is actually amazing how many girls record themselves doing the lesbo thing for the first time, and then never want to show anyone. Well, someone stole this tape, and now we get to enjoy Jessica and Dorothy having their very first lesbian experience together. They are really giggly about it all, but they are so turned on, eating each other out, and using a nice big dildo to get off too. They end up in an incredibly hot 69, really natural girl on girl love like you don’t see on regular porn sites. No rehearsals, nothing set up, just a hot home movie of two girls learning to love to eat pussy!

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