Three Hot Coeds Play With Each Other and a Guy

Here is another fucking awesome home made porn movie from College Rules. Three hot natural girls who love to play together, getting more friendly than normal with some all out lesbian play for the camera. These girls are so hot making out. Add in one of their boyfriends, and this turns into a pretty darn hot suck and fuck movie too, and the girls are still making out! It’s great fun, everyone gets off, and the action just never stops!

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College Rules Three Girls and a Cock

Another wild college party video from College Rules. This time it’s a hot dorm party that features a bunch of girls a few guys, and plenty of action. Wet t-shirts, nipple play, blowjobs… it’s all going on at the party. Three of the girls corner one of the guys and take him away for more fun, and this turns into a really hot fourway fuck session video. It’s clear these girls are use to sharing, and use to playing with each other. There is as much pussy licking and girls making out as anything else, this is the sort of video that assures the girls will never get political office!

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Hot Lesbian and Threeway Action @ College Rules

Another wild deal from College Rules, and this time it’s a great combo of titty flashing, lesbian love, and then straight up hardcore fucking. Seems that these three girls share a room, and they are drinking and having fun and finally pulling each others clothes off. Seems one of the girls has her boyfriend coming over for a booty call soon, and the other girls decide to warm her up. It ends up with the blond eating her out as the other girl holds the camera, and then the boyfriend appears and well, he starts fucking his girl and they keep filming! Fucking awesome hot fuck, and the girl ends up absolutely covered in cum!

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Wild Dorm Room Mega Party

This is one of those wild parties that is a little hard to explain, except to say that there are a whole bunch of girls who are going to regret these wild videos later on in life. It’s a full on dorm room party and everyone is there, probably 50+ people in the house, plus some cameras, plus some nudity, and away it goes. Everything from girl on girl action in private to double doggy style fucking in the main room, it’s all here in probably one of the sexiest parties around!

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Naughty College Girls Want 12 Cocks

Now this is a wild home movie. These sexy college girls are trying to win a cash prize from College Rules for the hottest home made movie, and they decide that what would be hot would be to tours their dorms and school grounds and find 12 different guys to suck off as a group, doing whatever they have to do to get 12 guys off on camera. They suck them in the hallway, they suck them in their dorm, they even suck them in the men’s bathroom in the library! These girls are hot, horny, and wild, and the finish will leave you dripping!

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Hot Girls Self Shot Fuck Party @ College Rules

These girls are wild and hot, you know they are into it. Any group of girls who will all get naked together are a party looking for a place to happen, and these college girls are all into party. The blond at the end in particular is one hot babe, amazing big tits, and she loves to fuck! She gets boned seriously hard in this dorm room video, and her friends are all getting some too at the same time. It’s a gangbang College Rules style, and watching this blond get boned is fucking worth it. She is so hot and her big tits are amazing!

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Horny College Students Play Sexy Twister and More

Now this is the right way to play twister, it doesn’t matter if you win or lose because either way, you got some great views and some hot fun on the way around. These college students know how to party, and they are partying pretty much naked tonight. Plenty of hot action here as the twister game is just a way or sorting out who is with who for a series of side by side fucks that leave the guys smiling and the girls coated in cum. It’s a hot college party that proves that a little twister is good for everyone!

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Insane Fucking on a Cop Car Video

Now this is a fucking nutty video. Basically, two teams of college students are fighting in a wild video scavenger hunt that includes everything from nude swimming to your wildest public sex act. Well, I think that fucking on (and even in) a cop car pretty much is as wild as it gets. This is just fucking nutty hot! The girl is a hotty too, and she is really into this public fucking thing, she cums just as the guy slides his cock in for the first time, and she much cum 10 more times as they fuck. It’s an intense home made porn video, very hot!

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College Rules Wild Threeway Home Movie

You have to love when a home movie gets out of control. See, these two college kids decide to make a home made fuck movie in their dorm during the holidays. It’s suppose to be only them in the dorm, but it turns out that some other dude is around. Well, he catches them in the act and joins in, turning this wild home made fuck movie into a wild threeway dorm room fuck. The girl is way into it, and she is loving sucking on one cock as she gets fucked with the other. A great tag team fuck, they guys had set it up ahead but she never knew! This busty girl ends up with an embarrassing home movie and two loads of goo!

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