Beach Tease Leads to Car Blowjob

car blowjob

Have you ever seen that girl at the beach, you know the one in the sort of skimpy bikini, with the boyfriend who just seems to have his hands all over the goods? Well, that’s what this episode of GF Revenge is all about. Seems this girl is getting teased without mercy on the beach, to the point of driving her crazy. He gets his fingers inside her little bikini bottom and rubs her pussy until she can’t take it anymore. The move off to his car in the parking lot, and this hotty is soon sucking his dick – even though she knows he is record all of it. Then it’s onto a nice fuck too, and they really fuck like crazy right there in his car in the parking lot with people walking by. It’s a wild home video for sure!

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Sexy Skater Girl Jade Rides The Cock

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Ahh, vacation movies. Everyone seems to make them, but Jade and her boyfriend went a little further than most, not only recording their time on the beach and riding their boards, but also back in the hotel riding each other. Jade is a real skater girl type, she looks hot in her little black bikini and she looks even hotter getting fucked doggy style and sucking on his cock like a candy cane. The funny thing is not longer after this vacation, this long term couple broke up. She took the skateboards, and he kept the videos – and now he is sharing them with us. Now everyone knows that his ex-girlfriend is a hot fuck and she loves cum!

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Vera Tushie Tanning @ GF Revenge

vera tushie tanning

Here’s another sexy and hot amateur submission from GFRevenge, this time it’s the story of a girl that just didn’t want to do away:

Have you ever been in a relationship with one of those lazy, unmotivated girls that just wants to lay around like a wet towel all day? That was the case with this week’s submitter. He tells us that he was only dating this girl for about a month before she started coming over to his house almost everyday just to sunbathe by the pool. The good part was that she was always down to fuck. The bad part was that after a while, she started spending more time at his house than he did.

Best use for a girl like that? Train her to suck your cock properly and put it on video for the rest of us to enjoy! She’s not into to start with, but Vera gets talked into doing the deed and this girl is a talented and willing cock sucker. She’s a hot fuck too with a nice shaved pussy and she loves to ride that cock low and slow! This is the sort of girl you want to be fucking, that is for sure, and this video will certainly win her some fans and maybe some more hot dates!

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Michelle Helps Her Boyfriend Fuck Her Friend

Here’s a hot new video from GFRevenge that makes you really want to be the guy in this one. His ex-Michelle and her best friend went out bikini shopping, and now they are home giving him a show and taking some pictures of themselves in the bikinis. Dude always wants to nail her friend, and he teases her endlessly. What he doesn’t know is that his girlfriend has been doing the lesbo thing with her friend for a while. So it all works out for a nice threeway, with the camera running. The girls are horny for cock and for each other, and they spend plenty of time swapping spit and Michelle even grabs his cock and guides it into her best friend’s needy twat. Very sexy home movie for sure!

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Janessa Gets a Creampie In Her Home Movie

Janessa is a hotty, that is for sure, if she was my girlfriend I would be tired from watching her hot body and trying to get to fuck her all the time. She is trying to study, but her boyfriend keeps bugging her about fucking on camera instead. She finally gives in and offers to give him a blowjob to shut him up, but that just gets her horny for his cock too, and soon she is climbing on board and riding his cock on camera. She don’t care that he is filming she just wants to get off bad! When she finally cums hard, he does too, filling her pussy with a massive creampie that leaks out all over. Sexy stuff! They split up later, so he figures we should see her hot body and his creampie handiwork!

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Schoolbus Lesbian Adventure

You’ve never been on a field trip like this before. 6 smoking-hot, college-aged babes throw on the camp sporting equipment and hit the bus for the ride of our lives. But before they take off, they have no problem giving us a little taste of what’s in store. These ladies flash us their amazing asses while in single file against the school bus. From there, we get on board for plenty of hot titty and pussy flashing action. While the wheels on the bus go round and round, these ladies go finger deep into each other. They make out, suck each others titties and lick on one anothers hot, wet pussies. A truly wild and hot home made porn movie!

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Gemma Made A Very Naughty Home Video

Nothing better than seeing a tasty looking girl getting naked, sucking cock, and getting fucked hard in a wild home made movie. I don’t think anyone was suppose to see this video, but her ex boyfriend figured we might enjoy seeing Gemma sucking cock like a two dollar whore. She’s a hot fuck for sure, and really impales herself on his cock. It’s an awesome movie that I am sure this hotty regrets!

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Horny Clarise Gets Fingered

I love naughty home movies, especially when the girl isn’t really into it to start but ends up way too horny to stop. This new update from GF Revenge is exactly that sort of deal. Clarise is a sexy blonde with a tight body and nice tiny tits, but she isn’t so thrilled about the camera. But damn, this girl is into having fun, and when her boyfriend reaches down and starts fingering her shaved pussy she just can’t get away from it. She masturbated herself for a while too before starting to work on his cock. Fuck the camera, she just wants to get fucked hard. Nice!

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Hot Girls Lesbian Play In the Washroom

GFRevenge is the source for this wild home movie that proves there is a reason why girls spend so much time in the washroom, check out the story:

his week’s submission is right on time for 2011. Everyone has been to a New Year’s Eve party that got a little out of hand but we’re sure you’ll agree that the private party these girls were having got out of hand way before the camera started rolling. In fact, they got so wild that they needed to move the action to the girl’s bathroom in order to film this short but extremely sexy clip. We didn’t get many details along with this submission but I think it’s safe to say that these friends had a bad falling out which led to us receiving this great party video.

Wild stuff, these girls are into it!

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Hot Coeds Play Dorm Room Strip Poker

Fuck me, this is a hot one! This new GF Revenge video is the result of a very interesting night of goofing around, ignoring the red cups, and strip poker playing. These two girls are talked into play by a bunch of guys, and well, they pretty much lose consistently. Props to the guys who keep the game pretty even and soon enough, there are naked people and the real fun starts, with some great fucking and sucking, the girls go at it with each other, kissing and making out, and the guys fuck the girls nice and hard. I suspect the video was leaked by the small titty girl’s boyfriend, she is a little cutie and she seems to love sucking cock. Wouldn’t you love to party with her?

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