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One of the great things about private home movies is when couples break up, sometimes revenge is part of the deal, check out this story:

Guys are always complaining about gold diggers and how most girls are only after one thing… money. But, Natalie wasn’t like that at all. Just look at how happy she was with a stuffed monkey that her boyfriend bought for her. It was those little gestures that made her happy. Combine that with an awesome attitude and an incredibly plump ass, and you get the makings for the perfect girlfriend. However, you can always count on a guy to mess things up when a relationship is going perfectly. Our submitter says that things just got too boring for him and he started seeing other girls behind his girlfriend’s back. Apparently, he wasn’t being very good about hiding his affairs, and she eventually found out about it and dumped his ass. He got angry about how she broke up with him and that was that. He decided to send us one of their videos to get his revenge on her. Although he admits that the whole break up was his fault in the first place, he thought that submitting this video would finally bring him some closure

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