Wild All Girl Lesbian Dorm Room Party

all girl dorm party

What do you get when you have a bunch of girls who are bi-curious and left all together with a camera and a bunch of booze? Another wild drunken Daredorm party, and this time it’s all pussy, all the time – check out the story:

When girls decide to have a girls night out, they come up with the weirdest, and coolest games to play. You get your classics like, spin the bottle, truth or dare, and every once in a while you get jems like, guess that titty. These college girls are hot as hell, and they have the perfect titties to play the game, but even guessing that titty wasnt enough. As the night progressed, the dildos came out, and then they went in, their pussies that is. Girls really know how to have fun

It’s hot as hell to see these girls really getting into each other and getting off on camera, going from shy and not so willing to not giving a shit about the camera or anyone else and just wanting to cum hard! It’s first time lesbian fun for this group of horny college coeds!

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Three Hot Coeds Play With Each Other and a Guy

Here is another fucking awesome home made porn movie from College Rules. Three hot natural girls who love to play together, getting more friendly than normal with some all out lesbian play for the camera. These girls are so hot making out. Add in one of their boyfriends, and this turns into a pretty darn hot suck and fuck movie too, and the girls are still making out! It’s great fun, everyone gets off, and the action just never stops!

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Hot Lesbian and Threeway Action @ College Rules

Another wild deal from College Rules, and this time it’s a great combo of titty flashing, lesbian love, and then straight up hardcore fucking. Seems that these three girls share a room, and they are drinking and having fun and finally pulling each others clothes off. Seems one of the girls has her boyfriend coming over for a booty call soon, and the other girls decide to warm her up. It ends up with the blond eating her out as the other girl holds the camera, and then the boyfriend appears and well, he starts fucking his girl and they keep filming! Fucking awesome hot fuck, and the girl ends up absolutely covered in cum!

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Hot Girls Lesbian Play In the Washroom

GFRevenge is the source for this wild home movie that proves there is a reason why girls spend so much time in the washroom, check out the story:

his week’s submission is right on time for 2011. Everyone has been to a New Year’s Eve party that got a little out of hand but we’re sure you’ll agree that the private party these girls were having got out of hand way before the camera started rolling. In fact, they got so wild that they needed to move the action to the girl’s bathroom in order to film this short but extremely sexy clip. We didn’t get many details along with this submission but I think it’s safe to say that these friends had a bad falling out which led to us receiving this great party video.

Wild stuff, these girls are into it!

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