Four Hot Girls Have a Dorm Fuck Party

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Here’s another great example of hot dorm room fuck parties from Daredorm. This time it’s four hot girls having a pussy party and inviting some guys over to do it all – including cumming in their baseball mitts.

College is a time for experimenting and expanding your horizons. What better way for a group of guys than to watch some girl on girl action! That was what happened when these girls realized that their buddies had never seen a girl suck on some titties or even make out with another girl. The college lesbian action in this one will have your pulse racing. And look out for the booty on that Latina redhead. That’s an ass worthy or worship. But it got even better when the guys couldn’t help but participate by jerking off to the action! You won’t want to miss this one.

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Wild All Girl Lesbian Dorm Room Party

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What do you get when you have a bunch of girls who are bi-curious and left all together with a camera and a bunch of booze? Another wild drunken Daredorm party, and this time it’s all pussy, all the time – check out the story:

When girls decide to have a girls night out, they come up with the weirdest, and coolest games to play. You get your classics like, spin the bottle, truth or dare, and every once in a while you get jems like, guess that titty. These college girls are hot as hell, and they have the perfect titties to play the game, but even guessing that titty wasnt enough. As the night progressed, the dildos came out, and then they went in, their pussies that is. Girls really know how to have fun

It’s hot as hell to see these girls really getting into each other and getting off on camera, going from shy and not so willing to not giving a shit about the camera or anyone else and just wanting to cum hard! It’s first time lesbian fun for this group of horny college coeds!

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Dorm Mates Spy On Their Friend Getting Fucked


Everyone should have girlfriends like these. A hot and horny group of girls are planning out the night in the dorm room, but shy and sexy coed Farrah says she has a date, and everybody should leave when she gets back from the date. They pretty much figure out that it means that she is going to get a good hard fucking tonight. Great opportunity to hide in the closet and film everything. Farrah eventually caught them, but she never stopped getting her pussy eaten. Everyone is back now, and thats when the party really took off. Farrahs date began fucking her, while the two girls that filmed started eating each other out, and it just got better from there. Plenty of hot action here, from hardcore fucking to plenty of great lesbian sex and exhibitionist acts, as these girls finally admit they want to eat each other out! Wild movie, they will certainly regret this one later!

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Wild Bubble Shower Dorm Party

Well, this is one wild new scene from Daredorm, and it has a little bit of everything. Hot real college coeds, a great bubble based party, and even a midget or dwarf (oops, little person) to balance it all out. The girls are clearly having fun in the shower, and the guys are loving the show. There is plenty of lesbian action here, girls kissing, and plenty of straight up hardcore group sex, with girls sucking cock, sharing cocks, and taking loads of cum. All amateur girls, they are so going to regret this wild sex video later!

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Beer Pong and Poon Tang Daredorm Party

Beer Pong is one of those games that seems to have been created for the express purpose of getting girls drunk and getting them to fuck, and this Daredorm party pretty much runs down that line. There are all sorts of games at this party, including the pink flamingo lawn ornament used for beer delivery. It’s pretty wild. It gets even wilder when the girls are getting naked and making out with each other, and taking the guys on. There is a threesome on one bed, blowjobs next door, and another twosome fucking in the shower, and everyone cumming and having fun. This is one serious party!

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Planking and Fucking A Daredorm Adventure

So apparently there is this thing call planking, and everyone is doing it. If you dont know what planking is, all you gotta know thats laying perfectly flat on top of the most unusual and creative places you can think of. These college kids decided to have a planking party with real hot girls. What a great idea. After planking the hell of the dorm room, they went out to plank the hallways, and basically whatever they can find. All that planking must of made these guys horny as hell, because once they got back to the room, all the girls started making out and eating each others pussies. Plenty of action here as they all end up naked and fucking all over the place, in groups, alone, and plenty of nice lesbian play too! Whatta way to end the night, Planking and fucking!

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Coed Girls Turn Into Pecker Checkers

Do the guys measure up? In this wild Daredorm party, they seem to do fine, there are a whole bunch of girls and a few guys, unlike the usual sausage fest college part, and the girls are horny as fuck and ready for action! Great mix of real girls in here, from tiny and petite to big and round, and they all have one thing in common: they are horny for cock and more than willing to put out. There has to be a dozen or more hot girls in this set, and plenty of action, cock sucking, fucking, POV fucking, titty licking, flashing, pussy eating, and more. It’s an all out college party!

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Happy Guy Fingers Two Pussies In Dorm Room Video

This dude has a shit eating grin on his face because he has just spent the last hour or two fucking these two girls, getting them to lez out on each other, eaten each of them out, fucking them solidly, and now he is fingering their pussies getting ready for another round. This is one of those truly sexy home videos from Daredorm that isn’t so much a party tape as an outright fuck tape. The two girls are horny as fuck and ready for action, and this dude has got rippled 6 pack ads that are driving them crazy. It’s an intense amateur fuck and everyone cums again!

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Wild Sexy Dorm Room Party

There is something about black light that makes me go crazy, I fucking love it, and this latest daredorm submission they combined the two things I love. Black light and hot chicks. This party gets so out of hand at one point that they break one of the black lights, but they keep partying like if nothing happen. There is a gorgeous blond with some huge tits that was making my dick hard just by looking at her. Just when you thought that there were way to many people in this small ass room, ever more people show up and everything gets wild. The camera man is basically walking around the room, when all of a sudden in one corner there is a chick blowing this dude up, and it only gets better after that. Yep, it was that kind of party that everyone will regret allowing to be put on video, but for us the action it hot, the girls are horny as hell, and they get into all sort of fun including letting loose their wild lesbian side and group sex too! These coeds know how to party!

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Caught Sucking Cock In The Dorm Hallway

Some people can’t control themselves, even when they know the cameras are around! This wild party from Daredorm was already planned to get a hot hardcore deal, everyone was in a party mood. But a couple of the participants were getting a little too turned on, and slipped out of the room. Well, when the others noticed the couple was missing, they went looking for them, and sure enough, they found the hot blond on her knees sucking the guys cock in the hallway! They couldn’t wait! The action gets even wilder from there, as this hot home movie shows these coed amateurs in a wild fuck session including hot threeways, lesbian action, anal licking, interracial, and tag team fucking. Wild!

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