Five Girls and One Guy a Daredorm Adventure

This is a little bit of an odd home movie, but a whole bunch of fun. 5 horny girls, they want something new to play with, so they hook up with one of the girls guy friends online. They invite him over to their dorm room, and the 5 of them use him as a teasing toy. They strip in front of him, kiss each other, and play around, finally one of the girls feels sorry for him and gives him a blowjob, teaching the other girls how it is done. I sort of think the girls might be more lesbian than straight, but no so much. It’s a naughty, teasing, and silly video, absolutely good fun, and the guy is the lucky one getting a long, long, tease and an amazing blowjob, amongst other things!

Check out the full video at Daredorm, it’s wild!