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Asian American cutie Lily was feeling playful and decided to film a teasing video which she planned to throw up on social networks because she was curious how many likes she would actually get. Her boyfriend Jake caught her in the middle of the act, and she thought he was going to be furious; but on the contrary, he was pretty cool about it and actually made it quite enjoyable for both of them. He got Lilly to really bring out her inner vixen, and nature took its course. Jake got her so riled up, she gave him a blowjob right there in the bathroom. They made their way to their bedroom where they pleasured each other all the while recording the whole sexcapade.

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Naughty Mag is a site packed with sexy amateur girls in pics and home made porn videos. Phoebe Page has been on this site before, and this 46 year old MILF was very popular, and quite turned on by the experience. So much so, that she wanted to take it up a notch with another sexy amateur video:

It’s encore time for Phoebe Page, a 46-year-old wife and mom from Nashville, Tennessee, and what is she doing this time? Getting fucked in her ass! She was on our site back in 2012. She mentioned that she was a fan of anal, so we set her up with our sister site They provided the stud, she provided the asshole.

“I love anal!” Phoebe said. “It’s so nasty!”

This sexy MILF takes it in the ass with joy, you can tell she loves to get butt fucked in this hot home made anal porn video!

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Everyone things people go to university for education, but this video from Crazy College GFs shows that some girls are also learning how to eat pussy! There is a first time for everything including lesbian pussy licking fun!

Bree and Kimmy decided to make an instructional dance video. Bree’s sexy young body spurred another idea in Kimmy’s head. They started to stretch, and all of a sudden, Kimmy popped her plump juicy tits out. Bree soon followed suit, and it looked like the gate was open for Kimmy to explore her alternate motive. While helping her stretch, Kimmy eased her way in to pop Bree’s girl/girl cherry. Bree was very receptive and gave back just as hard as the two plunged their tongues into each others pussies.

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Madden from Meet Madden is perhaps one of the best known non-nude teasers online. That non-nude status doesn’t mean that this girl doesn’t get naked and get off, it’s just that she loves to tease you with what you almost see, as opposed to pure open legs stuff. It’s all good, this girl is super sexy, she knows how to tease, and this hot webcam video is a good example of the sort of thing that members on her site enjoy all the time. This girl is smoking hot and ready to play!

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Here’s another post that is about a site rather than a particular gallery, in part because these sites use different girls in each set so it’s hard to really talk about any one thing. However, See My GF is a pretty cool site with tons of girlfriend, amateur, and home made stuff on it, and as you can see, plenty of blowjobs, facials, and other amateur hardcore. It’s worth checking out to see some truly hot home movies!

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GF Revenge continues to add great home made sex tapes, this it’s a bath interrupted by a horny boyfriend with a camera that leads to a pretty hot suck and fuck session!

Marina was a sexy blond Latina that we had the pleasure of watching get down in a sextape this week. When her boyfriend walked in on her, Marina was in her undies running the water in the tub for a hot bath. She was super cute and had a smoking hot body on her. As the video progressed, her BF tried to convince her to strip down for him on camera. Marina resisted though and said they didn’t have time because they had to get ready for a family reunion. After some begging, he finally got her to agree, as long as he didn’t show anyone. Then Marina proceeded to strip naked and enter the tub. She had a sweet pair of teen tits and an absolutely luscious ass you wanted to bury your face into. Her BF admired her as she washed in the tub. As a matter of fact, his admiration turned into him sliding his hands into the water and playing with her pussy. That got Marina horny, so when he pulled out his cock, she got right to sucking on it. That didn’t last long though because they were both hot and ready for sex. Right there on the bathroom floor, Marina’s BF gave her the dick doggy style. But because it was rather slippery, she had to take over and get on top. Thank God for that! By far the best thing in this video was watching Marina work that ass and those hips, as she rode her BF’s cock. This girl was a total freak and knew how to work a dick like only a true pro could. When her BF couldn’t take anymore of that amazing pussy and was ready to cum, Marina got down on her knees to take his load across her face. Her BF let it rip and covered that gorgeous little face in jizz.

One thing for sure, this girl can handle a load! Nice thighs and pussy on this girl too, and the boyfriend makes sure we get to see it all!

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This time out I get to talk about some hot shots and sexy videos i found at a new site caled GFS Movies (girlfriends movies). Basically, it’s a site that collects all the naughty stuff that ends up on social media, Vine, Facebook, or whatever and puts it all together for you to enjoy. They get amateur submitted videos, they get ex girlfriend videos, and basically all sorts of hot stuff. This shot is great example of a hot girl literally getting her face fucked as her boyfriend films all the action, probably for spanking to later on. He shared with the site, and now it’s here for you to enjoy. Damn, this girl looks like she loves the cock!

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This shot just about made me die of laughter, it’s a real commentary on the world when a girl thinks it’s a good idea to shoot a selfie while she’s sucking cock. Gianna Nicole is the girl in question, and this scene is from She’s New. Yup, she’s new and horny and more than willing, and this naughty girl goes for it big time in this home made porn video. The blowjob selfies are fucking awesome, this girl is clearly proud of her cock sucking skills, and she works that big dick for all it’s worth. She’s a hotty too and I love her big nipples and tits, very tasty. She’s a hot fuck and a naughty girl, and that’s all good!

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Here’s a video from the new site Crazy College GFs that has some of the hottest coeds doing naughty, wild things. This one has Mila getting a quicky in the public park during a football game,a nd she is really liking it. This ain’t just touch football, the dude is going for the full on touchdown getting her to suck his cock and then turning her around to fuck her doggy style against a tree hoping nobody sees them but not really caring. He gets the touchdown fucking her pussy until he gives her a big creampie and cum all over her ass!

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If you have never seen what happens when you get a bunch of girls alone with male strippers, then you need to check out this video from Party Hardcore. This is one of those wonderful setups, sort of an amateur girl gone wild thing. Basically, it’s a stripper party where all the girls are locals invited for free fun and free booze, but it isn’t long before the girls are acting out and enjoying the strippers cocks in every way possible. from sucking their big cocks to getting fucked in front of everyone, these girls are horny and willing. In fact, they get so turned on that some of the girls are going lez on each other while watching too! It’s a wild hardcore party and these girls won’t stop until they get covered with male stripper cum!

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